iFUEL® Fuel Management

iFUEL® - real time intelligence for smarter decisions.

iFUEL® Mobile allows fleet operators to manage their fuel from a smartphone. Simply install the iFUEL® hardware to your pump, with a suitable meter and you have a high end fuel management system.

Track every litre of fuel or fluid dispensed with the iFUEL® Lite Online terminal, the next generation of entry level Fuel Management terminals, utilising contactless technology and automated transaction synchronisation via 3G/4G for secure and controlled refuelling.

The iFUEL® Pro terminal is used in commercial home base fuel facilities and utilises touch less key technology.  iFUEL® Pro provides seamless integration, powerful reporting and real time site transaction and tank contents. The system is based upon online real time technology.

The iFUEL® Bank combines cloud based data reporting with a smart payment terminal allowing it to act as a fleet refuelling, data tracking and unattended payment solution for your business. 

The integrated smart payment module allows iFUEL® Bank to provide a passive revenue stream, with customers able to pay for and pump fuel, 24 x 7. 

iFUEL® Tank is an integrated live linked communication device designed to transmit the data from your automatic tank gauging system to the iFUEL Cloud web site. 


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