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iFUEL® Mobile






      Fuel Management from your smartphone

      iFUEL® Mobile allows fleet operators to manage their fuel from a smartphone. Simply install the iFUEL® hardware to your pump, with a suitable meter and you have a high end fuel management system.

      Invite users by SMS from our web based portal for rapid deployment of the iFUEL® Mobile App.

      Unlike traditional Fuel Management, iFUEL® Mobile unleashes the power of your smartphone to create an affordable yet powerful Fuel Management System.  With out-of-the-box capabilities for GPS tracking, camera integration for equipment I.D. security and connectivity, there is simply no other choice in Fuel Management.

      For the vast majority of fleet operators, enterprise level fuel management has simply been unaffordable. iFUEL® Mobile is more powerful than other Fuel Management Systems, and its far more cost effective.

      iFUEL® Mobile Benefits

      • No Touch - No buttons or moving parts. No keypad or modem required.
      • Location Aware - The GPS integration means you know where your fuel went in every case.  Ideal for portable tanks.
      • No need for Coverage - Works away from 3/4G signal. Going bush? No problem - iFUEL® Mobile does not need data connectivity to operate.
      • Cloud Based - All your data is in the cloud. No backups, software or maintenance to plan.
      • Compatibility -Works with most Android and all Apple iPhones. Needs “Bluetooth 4.0”.
      • QR Codes - Smartphone camera will scan our QR codes to identify equipment, compartment, fluid and client. Subscription dependant.
      • All Inclusive - Incorporates Estop, Override, Pump switch with onboard capability. Reduced installation costs.
      • Safe - iFUEL® MOBILE is a low voltage system
      • Support - Choose from a range of support options to suit your business and users
      • Data - Use our standard report templates, or drop your data into any spreadsheet for advanced analysis. 

      iFUEL® Cloud Portal

      Manage iFUEL® Mobile app parameters via the cloud

      • Manage Equipment, Users, and Data from the portal

      • Output data to any spreadsheet

      • Link fields for cost centres and business units

      • Report project, client, site, or equipment fuel consumption

      • Detailed reporting to support fuel tax credits

      • Present any dispensing event via tables or maps


      iFUEL® Mobile can be configured in a multitude of ways to suit any business. We have developed the system so that features can be added to the App, with no need to update the hardware.

      • Do you have multiple clients or sites?

      • Do you have equipment in different businesses, cost centres or customers?

      • Are you a project focused business?

      • Do you use fuel in a range of power gen, off road and road transport?

      • Do you combine highway purchases with depot refuelling?

      iFUEL® Mobile has you covered for all circumstances. We tailor your App setup and transaction parameters to make the system work your way.




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