Kolor Kut Hydrocarbon Gauging Paste

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Kolor Kut Hydrocarbon Gauging Paste




      Features Kolor Kut Hydrocarbon Gauging Paste

      • For checking the depth and / or the presence of hydrocarbons
      • GENUINE Kolor Kut Gasoline Gauging Paste, Made in U.S.A.
      • 2.25 US Fluid Ounce Jar - 66.5 ml
      • 12 Jars per Box
      • Light pink in colour and will turn red when in contact with gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oil, jet fuel, avgas and other hydrocarbon products
      • Can be used as a very effective product level indicator.
      • No expiry date.
      • Store between 10 °C - 35 °C.
      • Perfect to use to check for the presence of Hydrocarbons within the interstitial space of self bunded (double wall) tanks

      Instructions for Use

      • Applied to a rod.
      • Length of string with bottom weight and lowered to the bottom of a Fuel / Oil tank.
      • Paste changes colour where it comes into contact with Gasoline / Petrol / Diesel / Oil, giving you a visual indication as to the depth of the fluid.
      • No expiry date; will keep best when stored between 31F and 115F.
      • Screw Lid Tub, 2.25 Oz.


      Kolor Kut gasoline gauging paste is the only gasoline paste approved by the US Military. It is designed for gauging levels of hydrocarbons. It should always be applied "sparingly" direct onto a dip stick or dipping tape at about the point where the level is expected. As a contact product it would usually instantaneously change from pink to red on contact with hydrocarbons. Heavy oils require a few seconds of contact. It is a one off action paste and repeat dips will require a fresh application of paste. Low levels of paste are miscible with hydrocarbons.The paste is not designed to be disturbed and should not be used in a sample. It would be best practice that any tank/vessel being sampled for analysis be sampled first. Analytical results are only as accurate as the sample itself. Gauging of the tanks with paste used sparingly should be the secondary operation.

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