FUEL TRAILER CEA 2000L Self Bunded Low Profile Galvanised Dual Axle

FUEL TRAILER CEA 2000L Self Bunded Low Profile Galvanised Dual Axle



Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australia's unique conditions. The CEA 2000L Self Bunded Fuel Trailer is an industry leading solution for the transportation and dispensing of diesel fuel.

The CEA 2000L self bunded fuel trailer is the preferred design used by the major Hire Companies in Australia including Kennards Hire, Coates Hire and Onsite Group, to name a few. 

The trailer design stands up to the rough and tumble treatment afforded by customers in the Construction, Civil Contracting, Contract Mining, Mining, Oil and Gas, Drilling and Exploration industries.


Self Bunded - True self bunded, tank in tank design.

Dimensions - 5240mm L x 1810mm W x 1150mm H

Tare Weight - 1100 kg

Fully Approved - designed and approved to meet the requirements of AS1692, AS1940 and Australian Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations.

Tried and Proven - since inception we have supplied more than 150 units into the Australia, and indeed global, markets.

Heavy Duty - designed for on and off road application - beware of cheaper imitations !!

Removable Inner Tank - The primary tank module can be removed for maintenance

Separate Tank and Trailer Chassis - the secret of our success, our tank body is protected from the twisting and rigours associated with off-road towing and use.  Our chassis is designed to take the mechanical stresses and strains of in field use, protecting the tank body from the risks of cracking over time.

Pump Bay - drawbar mounted, fully bunded, weatherproof, pump bay housing.  2 x lockable reverse opening full length access doors.  The bunded pump bay is fed by an independent DN40 suction line with foot valve preinstalled.  The foot valve guarantees a prime of fuel on your pump providing less strain on the pump on start up and quicker dispensing of fuel on site.  The bunded pump bay has been designed large enough to store all your required dispensing equipment including prep pump strainer, pump, filter, meter, hose reel, nozzle, battery etc.

> Dispensing Options - common dispensing options include 12V Solar and Electric Start Diesel Driven

Baffled - our self bunded tank module is fully baffled ensuing stability when towing loaded.

Roof Mounting Options - The trailer roof allows for mounting of Spill Kit or Solar Panels

Roll Bars - Supplied fitted with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roll Bars

Running Gear - new Tyres, Sunraysia Rims, Spare Tyre with Spare Tyre mounting assembly.

Fully Lockable - all aspects of the trailer can be locked, discouraging access and ensuing theft of fuel from the trailer

Contents Management - Mechanical level gauge

Spare Ports - Numerous spare ports for connection of support equipment,

Fill Tube - Anti static fill tube

Bunded Fill Point - Fully bunded fill point to catch any drips and drops during refilling operations

Removable Hatch - Removable hatch for access to the inside of the primary tank

Flashing Light - 12V Amber Flashing Light with extension pole to warm passing vehicle traffic of refuelling operations

Easy to Tow - Low profile, aerodynamic style provides a low centre of gravity.

Under 3 Tonne - Gross weight is less than 3 tonne 

Electric Braking System - each trailer is fully fitted with electric brakes to comply with all Australia State and Territory requirements for braking of a trailer under 3 tonne.

Chassis - Fully hot dip galvanised, dual axle chassis with Roller / Rocker suspension system

Lighting - LED Trailer Lighting

Trailer Hitch Options - choice of Hitch assemblies including 50mm Ball, Tregg, Pintle Ring

Jockey Wheel - Heavy Duty Swing-away Jockey Wheel 

Fire Protection - 4.5kg Fire extinguisher

Drop Down Supports - rear drop down supports for trailer stability when the trailer is not connected to a vehicle

> Tow and Leave - couple the CEA 2000L Self Bunded Fuel Trailer to Stationary Diesel Engines, such as generators, lighting towers, compressors or pumps, using our 2 x suction connection points and 2 x return connection points.  These suction and connection points are conveniently located at the rear of the trailer for simple / quick connection to site equipment.  We provide foot valves on the 2 x suction points to ensure that you retain a prime on the suction line to your generator, lighting tower, compressor or pump.

> Aviation Option - available with a 304 Stainless Steel Primary Tank and 304 Stainless Steel wetted parts for aviation fuel applications

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