FUEL TRAILER 500L Self Bunded Dual Axle SBSD500

Product image 1FUEL TRAILER 500L Self Bunded Dual Axle SBSD500
Product image 2FUEL TRAILER 500L Self Bunded Dual Axle SBSD500
Product image 3FUEL TRAILER 500L Self Bunded Dual Axle SBSD500
Product image 4FUEL TRAILER 500L Self Bunded Dual Axle SBSD500
Product image 5FUEL TRAILER 500L Self Bunded Dual Axle SBSD500

FUEL TRAILER 500L Self Bunded Low Profile Dual Axle SBSD500



The CEA Petroleum SBSD500 Self Bunded Fuel Trailer is designed specifically for the transport of flammable liquids such as Petrol, Kerosene, JET A1 and AVGAS.  Being under 500L this trailer can be driven on road without the need for a dangerous goods licence.

The SBSD500 Self Bunded Fuel Trailer is supplied with a longer chassis to provide a safe separation distance for the 12V power and control system needed for flammable liquids dispensing. 


Self Bunded - True self bunded, tank in tank design.

> Tare Weight - 790kg

> Fully Approved - designed and approved to meet the requirements of AS1692, AS1940 and Australian Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations.

> Tried and Proven - we have been manufacturing and supplying this design trailer for more than 10 years now.  It is a tried and proven option for the transport of flammable liquids including Petrol, Kerosene, AVGAS and JET A1

Removable Inner Tank - The primary tank module can be removed for maintenance.  For AVGAS and JET A1 applications we provide a 304 SS Primary Tank with 304 SS Wetted Parts.

> Separate Tank and Trailer Chassis - the secret of our success, our tank body is protected from the twisting and rigours associated with road towing and use.  Our chassis is designed to take the mechanical stresses and strains of in field use, protecting the tank body from the risks of cracking over time.

> Dispensing Options - common dispensing options include High Flow Manual Pump or Flammable Rated 12V Dispensing System with Battery Pack

> Baffled - our self bunded tank module is fully baffled ensuing stability when towing loaded.

> Roof Mounting Options - The trailer roof allows for mounting of a Spill Kit or other site support equipment

> 110% Bunded - the tank module is a true 110% self bunded tank with tank design.  The inner tank can be removed for maintenance over time.

> Running Gear - 185/14 Light Truck Tyres | 14" White or Black Sunraysia Style Rims | 5 Stud Pattern | Spare Tyre with Spare Tyre mounting assembly.

> Fully Lockable Tank - the self bunded tank module can be locked, discouraging access and ensuing theft of fuel from the trailer

> Contents Management - Calibrated aluminium dipstick with optional mechanical dial type level indicator

> Spare Ports - Numerous spare ports for connection of instrumentation,

> Fill Tube - Anti static fill tube

> Bunded Fill Point - Fully bunded fill point to catch any drips and drops during refilling operations

> Removable Hatch - Removable hatch for access to the inside of the primary tank

> Mechanical Override Braking - no need for any in vehicle braking controller / electrical braking system.  The GO SBSD500 500L Self Bunded Fuel Trailer can be towed by any suitably rated vehicle.

> Chassis - Lightweight yet strong aluminium, dual axle chassis with Roller / Rocker suspension system

> Lighting - LED Multi-Volt (12-24V ADR Approved) Trailer Lighting

> Trailer Hitch Options - choice of Hitch assemblies including 50mm Ball, Tregg, Pintle Ring

> Jockey Wheel - Heavy Duty Swing-away Jockey Wheel

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