Product image 1OVERFILL ALARM Battery Operated HLA3A.BSP
Product image 2OVERFILL ALARM Battery Operated HLA3A.BSP

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  • Unlike most compact alarms on the market today it's a constant monitoring alarm & not a "push to test" type. - Suitable with heating oil, diesel & biodiesel blends up to B100, oils & water.
  • Battery operated (Battery supplied, type PP3 x1).
  • Weatherproof to IP55.
  • Compact design for use in confined spaces, 90mm square.
  • High power alarm sounder 97dB at 1m.
  • Flashing light on top of unit.
  • Mute button stops the sounder, light still flashes.
  • Float switch supplied with 5m cable.
  • 2 year battery life, if tested weekly with no alarms.


  • The GO overfill (high level) alarm will operate when the float switch is activated by a rising liquid level in the fuel storage tank.
  • The alarm will sound as a rising beep every 2.5 seconds and the light will flash simultaneously.
  • To silence the alarm, press the green button.
  • The light will continue to flash until the liquid level in the tank drops below the level of the float switch.
  • The battery will power the GO overfill (high level) for 72 hours in full alarm mode with both the sounder and light activated.
  • Low battery power is indicated by a short beep every 25 seconds.
  • When the battery is low and the GO overfill (high level) alarm is activated.
  • The alarm will sound as a rising beep every 5 seconds to conserve power.
  • The light will flash every 25 seconds in normal operation (not in alarm mode) to indicate that the GO overfill (high level) alarm is operating correctly.


  • If the float switch is disconnected or the cable has been severed the GO overfill (high level) alarm will emit a short beep every 5 seconds.
  • The light and sounder can be tested at any time by pressing the green button once.
  • If the GO overfill (high level) alarm is functioning correctly a short series of beeps will sound and the light will flash.


  1. Using the mounting lugs provided, fix the overfill (high level) alarm box in the position required ensuring the light and green button are located at the top.
  2. Feed the float switch through a hole/port in the top of the fuel storage tank. Position the float switch so it will be activated when the fuel level in the tank reaches the required maximum height and secure in position using the p-clip and self tapping screw provided.
  3. Remove the overfill (high level) alarm box cover (2 screws on the front) and connect the battery connector to the battery.
  4. Press green button on top of the overfill (high level) alarm box. Ensure a series of short beeps can be heard and the light flashes.
  5. Replace cover and screw down firmly.
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