HoseBun Hose Hanger Range

Product image 1Hose Bun Hose Hanger Range from GO Industrial
Product image 2HoseBun Hose Hanger in action affixed to a GO Industrial Hose Mast Assembly
Product image 3HoseBun Hose Hanger in action affixed to a GO Industrial Hose Mast Assembly

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HoseBun Hose Hanger Range

    DATA SHEET - 1" (25mm id Hose)
 DATA SHEET - 1.25" (32mm id Hose)
 DATA SHEET - 1.5" (38mm id Hose)
 DATA SHEET - 2" (50mm id Hose)


The Hosebun Hose Hanger, from CEA Petroleum, is a polyurethane saddle designed to suspend hoses.

Each unit is supplied complete with its own UV treated polyester sling which is fastened in a choker position. The Hosebun Hose Hanger is designed to accommodate the manufacturers’ minimum bending radius to protect hose from kinking and prolong the life of the hose.

Your hoses are an expensive and important part in your production processes.

Hoses can often be an obstacle and are therefore susceptible to damage that may arise by driving over them, falling down, bending and kinking. This can reduce the lifespan of your hoses significantly.

The Hosebun Hose Hanger offers optimal support and protection.  The Hosebun Hose Hanger increases the lifespan of your expensive hoses considerably, and ensures that the flow remains optimal.

Why do you need a HoseBun?

  • Despite continued high material costs, consumers continue to use inferior products to hoist and suspend their hoses.
  • Based on client feedback we are confident that Hosebun is the world's premier hose suspension device.
  • Hose is not cheap, yet time after time people hoist, suspend and manipulate their hose with inferior products.
  • The Hosebun is the absolute best hose suspension device in the world. We know because our customers tell us.
  • In addition to extending/prolonging the life of your hose, a Hosebun will prevent it from kinking or otherwise becoming compromised.
  • Depending on the nature of the material to be transported, kinked or damaged hose can be dangerous or even fatal.

Optimal Support

The specially developed shape of the Hosebun saddle assembly results in the Hosebun Hose Hanger providing optimal support for your hose.

Quality Manufacture

Manufactured from a specially formulated polyurethane yhe Hosebun Hose Hanger is a one-time purchase; the saddle itself doesn't wear out. 

Optimal Protection

The HoseBun Hose Hanger carefully cradles the hose to ensure that the hose manufacturer’s maximum bending radius is protected, and your expensive hose is kept from kinking.

Optimal Flow

Whether it’s liquid, solids and/or other media, the flow through your hose is not restricted as your hose is prevented from bending, or indeed kinking, beyond the manufacturers maximum bending radius.

Perfect for Use with Fuel Hose Mast Assemblies

Traditional hose clamping methods have resulted in damage to the hose due to the hose clamp mechanically wearing the hose over time, or the clamp being tightened to the point of cutting the hose.  The HoseBun Hose Hanger cradles the hose protecting this expensive aspect of your fuel dispensing system, from any mechanical damage over time.


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